Not only does Swanenberg IJzer Groep provide steel pipes, beams, and road plates from stock, it also customizes them and delivers them ready for use. We have the right specialists for every particular modification. From welding and clutch/interlock welding, custom sawing or cutting, to blasting and coating.

Our own welding and construction workshops

We can provide pipes and beams with partitions and head plates, weld them together, or assemble them. Any product can be adapted according to the customer’s wishes in our modern and well-equipped welding and construction workshops. In this way you can rest assured that we will provide comprehensive bespoke solutions for all your projects.

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Customized cutting of beams, pipes, sheets, and plates: our construction workshops are fully equipped for this. Cutting takes place by means of gas and oxygen


We have sawing machines at every location, in order to custom saw beams of all dimensions. With or without mitre joint and of course with the greatest precision. In this way you will quickly receive the proper steel beam for any project.


Swanenberg is in possession of all the in-house welding facilities and certificates necessary to process steel pipes and beams. Both manually and with a machine. Our welding specialists are certified in submerged arc welding (SAW), CO2 welding, and MIG/MAG welding, among others. Thus we have the capacity to carry out a wide range of constructive modifications to pipes and beams, such as welding fixing devices, headers, and foot plates.

Assembling and welding together

Strengthening and lengthening steel beams and steel pipes is one of our specialties. Our welding techniques allow us to assemble up to 50 metres of steel pipes of variable widths and a varying diameter of up to 2.5 metres. Including a description of the welding procedure for each weld.

Clutch welding

Combination piles form an ideal solution for strengthening quay walls and sheet piling. At Swanenberg we have an in-house clutch/interlock welding machine which has been specially developed to provide pipe piles with sheet pile wall interlocks. With this we are capable of welding sheet pile wall interlocks to the pipe at the proper angle.


The end of a pipe can be widened via a mechanical process in such a way that a pipe of the same diameter can be inserted in it along a short distance. This hydraulic enlarging is also called flaring and is often applied in the foundation industry (for piles), in pipe ramming for protective tubes (pipeline protection), and in temporary pipeline systems (culverts, water drainage, etc.)
Flaring can be advantageous and reduce costs:

  • when no flange connections have to be used.
  • a pipe must fit easily into an arc.
  • a simplified welding process may be applied to the work, because the pipes fit into each other in such a way that they can be assembled.

Swanenberg applies this unique process to large pipes starting at a diameter of 508 up to 1220 mm with a maximum wall thickness of approx. 14 mm. The maximum wall thickness for flanging depends on the steel grade.


Swanenberg has a very modern blast cabinet, equipped with various handheld blasters. We can blast even the largest steel objects here, with blasting standards up to SA 2.5. Blasting serves as preparation for coating, and also to make steel products visually attractive by removing residual materials such as paint, cement, or bitumen.


The Swanenberg IJzer Groep coating facilities are fully equipped to provide steel products with different coatings. And thanks to the 30 metre sliding door, even the largest steel objects find their way to our coating cabin.


Swanenberg provides different options for the transport of your goods. We are in possession of specially designed radio controlled crane trucks for loading/unloading, transporting, and laying of road plates, we can transport every height and weight of steel, and we have a flexible push dozer which can step in and reach places which are difficult to access in a quick and agile manner. Out drivers have ample experience and the proper certificates to deliver your goods safely and be of service to you on-site. In addition, at some branches it is possible to load goods onto a ship. We have several dinghies and equipment at our disposal to transport and load steel products of any weight and size.

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