New and used steel pipes

The Swanenberg IJzer Groep steel pipes can be used for the most diverse purposes. We stock spirally welded, longitudinally welded, and seamless pipes in various steel grades. Our steel pipes are also suitable for construction purposes in complex civil engineering projects. For this we process steel pipes into piles, column formwork, foundation piles, and auger piles, as well as producing protective tubes, strut frames, and combi-walls in-house.

Steel pipe constructions for civil engineering

The Swanenberg steel pipes form a solid basis for every construction project in the civil engineering sector and in the non-residential construction sector. We provide spirally welded pipes (SSAW) and longitudinally welded pipes (LSAW/ERW) for all imaginable construction purposes. New or used, and in different sizes. The most common diameters are almost always in stock, such as:

  • SSAW: from 406 to 2520 mm
  • LSAW: from 355 to 1420 mm
  • ERW: from 219 to 609 mm

Quality standards of a steel pipe

Flexibility and quality go hand in hand at Swanenberg. It therefore goes without saying that the steel grade of each pipe corresponds to the legal steel quality standards. Such as European standards S235, S275, S355, and S460 which fall under the EN10219 quality standard.

We are also familiar with the following quality standards:

  • X42, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, and X80;
  • L360 -, L450 – L485;
  • Q235, Q345;
  • K52, K56, and K60.


Swanenberg IJzer Groep occupies a leading position worldwide in supplying iron and steel products to dealers. By large-scale purchasing in conjunction with our global partners, we can offer our customers high-quality products at competitive prices. In addition to purchasing large batches, we also produce bespoke steel pipes for dealers and end users. In this way we combine optimal quality and quick delivery with the most advantageous purchase prices for every customer.

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Spirally welded

A spirally welded steel pipe is a pipe which is manufactured from a coil, a rolled steel sheet, which is welded spirally beneath a blanket of granulated flux. A new coil can be welded to the previous one by means of a coil junction, which does not affect the pipe properties. In this way, endlessly long pipes can be produced.

Longitudinally welded

Longitudinally welded steel pipes can be subdivided into two groups: LSAW and ERW. An LSAW (Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded) pipe is a pipe which is manufactured from a sheet which is made round and welded beneath a blanket of granulated flux. An ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) pipe is produced from coils (rolled steel sheets) like the spirally welded pipe, but the sheets are made round along the whole length and welded together.


Seamless pipes, manufactured from a single piece of steel, are often used in machine construction or in turning shops and power plants. All of them sectors in which the pipe system must fulfil the strictest production and safety requirements. By purchasing to stock, we reduce the high cost price of these quality pipes. Our seamless pipes are available in different thicknesses, sizes, and grades.


Swanenberg provides a large range of possibilities and has in-house facilities to process all types and sizes of steel products, and to customize and deliver them. Here are the different services we provide for steel pipes:

If you have questions or would like to receive more information about our working method or the steel pipes, you can reach us on telephone number +31 486 469 120.

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